“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”
-Phil Jackson

Each valued Basnett employee brings his or her own talents to create a skilled and caring team with the common goal of delivering a positive experience for our clients.

A good business relationship must include trust and respect, but this is more than business; it’s your home. For a truly positive experience, we feel it’s important that you also enjoy being in the presence of the people you’re working with. Along with being knowledgeable and skilled, our team is also friendly, articulate, thorough, and easy to be around.


Through building and remodeling, our mission is to deliver a level of respect, service, and craftsmanship worthy of the reverence our clients feel for their homes.


Our vision is to advance professionalism in residential contracting and encourage intelligence in home design and construction.

Our History








At the age of 22, Jim Basnett began his career in the residential construction industry.

home remodeling

After eight years experience in both the construction and remodeling markets, Jim teamed up with Mark Taylor. Together, this duo founded J.F. Basnett Company.

To this day, Mark and Jim are still with us.

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When the decision was made to offer in-house architectural design, Lynne Swanson joined the team.

She still remains with us today.

home remodeling

J.F. Basnett was officially incorporated.

home remodeling

Basnett rebranded with a new logo and name.

Ever since, the company has been known as Basnett Design/Build/Remodel.

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Basnett completed our first deep-energy retrofit.

Since then, we’ve continued down the path of providing energy efficiency and durability to our customers.

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Fast forward nine years, and Basnett has helped 200 clients reside comfortably in their dream homes.

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